3 min readDec 28, 2023

Aponbepore ( a woman who is fair-complexioned you can almost match that with palm oil). Eyinfunjowo (a woman with a beautiful dentition), Arewa Obinrin to dara bi Egbin (a beautiful woman who is as good-looking as an Antelope (an Antelope is considered a very beautiful animal in Yoruba Land)

A 10 minus 0

A 50 minus 40

A 20 minus 10

You are a 10/10 in every ramification and context.

Awẹ́lẹ́wà, the one who is beautiful both in and out. They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but in your case, there is no need for A beholder. Everyone who sees you can see the captivating and poignant artistry you embody, that which they often call “beauty.”

You, Awẹ́lẹ́wà are an embodiment of and evidence of God’s creativity and artistic skills. In your humble and debonair beauty, you showcase the pride and bragging rights of your creator. Just like an air freshener diffuses a calming scent into the surrounding air, so too does each click of your footsteps carry and disseminate graciousness.

Your eyes. Those green eyes of yours, ever radiating. They are captivating and draw everyone’s attention; it is nearly impossible to ignore. Your radiant green eyes convey love, substance, and elegance. They illuminate like a brightly established bulb. it’s amazing to see.

Awẹ́lẹ́wà, your beauty is one to behold and wish for. It is one to have and one to love. When I see you, I think of one thing: how many hours did God take to make you?

He most likely invested 48 hours, as someone with such grace and beauty could not have been created in a single day.

They say God’s creation process lasted for six days and he rested on the seventh day. Perhaps, He decided to create you on the 8th day. After all, he was well-rested on the 7th day, and so He was ready and well-equipped to create a masterpiece the day after.

I can bet on my being that He spent the most time on your perfectly arranged ivories. They are as white as a child’s innocence. When you smile, the combined effort of your dentition, your cheeks, and your eyes make you look so breath-taking. Awẹ́lẹ́wà, you have the most amazing set of teeth.

Awẹ́lẹ́wà, the one who is beautiful in and out. They say there is nothing in the world that everyone can unanimously agree on. That is indeed a fallacy. Everyone can dispose of oblivion and agree to the reality of your beauty. The reality of your beauty lies outward and inward, and even the blind can agree to it.

Your meek and gentle aura screams volumes louder than that of a lying politician. Your peaceful temperament is admirable and worthy of imitation. It all lies in the little things–how you walk, treat people, the dresses you wear, how you relate with others, how you carry yourself.

Your skin is as smooth as a chocolate bar and as soft as a baby’s. If one’s skin was an answer to an exam question, you would get a solid distinction. It exists without blemish or flaw; I’m tempted to call it “perfect” but let’s leave that word for God. Awẹ́lẹ́wà, your skin is close to perfect.

You are a queen in your established kingdom. Your beauty has earned you the crown of regality. You are a star, a force, and you exude elegance.

You are all shades and hues of beauty.

Awẹ́lẹ́wà you are a 10, minus 0.