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Spoiler Alert!! Everything you are going to be reading here is at your own risk. The risk of getting to know yourself and others a bit too deeply. I bet you’re not ready.
We are aware of how humans tend to act differently in similar situations, how we are indeed similar but certainly different, how we expect every male human to act, react and be the same way, how we expect every woman to be “a woman” as if living as a woman came with only one unchanging rulebook and most importantly, how we expect every relationship to be the same way.

Women are hornier during ovulation and I’m certain you’ve never asked why. You’ve never asked why boys are more likely to suffer from autism, why women have those crazy cravings during pregnancy, why guys tend to be more aggressive, why men are more likely to excel at STEM. The list is unending, but the short explanation to the long story is “HORMONES”.
Hormones do the trick—the trick that only a few of you have figured out and that some of you don’t even know exists. It is almost like your behaviours are predicated on hormones and you are acting on autopilot. What are hormones and why do they matter?

Hormones are the chemical messengers that influence human behaviours. One would wonder why hormones are so important and necessary. Perhaps because they influence all the activities of the body.

In subsequent articles, there will be explanations on a few hormones and the indispensable roles they play in fueling certain behaviours in humans. THE BIG IDEA IS TO LET YOU IN ON THE OPEN SECRET OF HORMONES. 
Males are more likely to have autism than females for a few reasons, however, one seems to stand out.
Chew over it.




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