3 min readDec 25, 2023
Photo by Tijana Drndarski on Unsplash

“Omo, I’m not feeling this Christmas at all.”

“Guy, same. I’m just at home looking homeless. AFTER THE CHICKEN AND RICE WEY WE GO CHOP, THE CHRISTMAS DON FINISH”

“For real. I think we’re getting old oo, because why aren’t we feeling this christmas.”

“Bruh, na adulthood dey cause all these things. We’re older now and all these christmas activities no dey shack us again.”

Remember when you were 6, young, innocent, and without worries? Do you remember how the 25th of December was a huge deal for you because you got to enjoy the richness of mum’s party jollof rice and fried chicken but most importantly, you got to wear your new Christmas cloth that was probably colour red?

Good times, take me back!

The significance of Christmas didn’t mean much to you at that age. If anything, the rice and chicken, the presents, and the clothes were all the season meant to you. You were young after all, as such, there was no need to bore you with the intricacies or foundation of Christmas.

Your innocence and worry-free joy were sufficient for the older folks who knew what the season signified. Their satisfaction came from the unending smiles and grins that uncontrollably showed on your face. They were smiles of innocence, real joy, and sheer ignorance.

Photo by Bruno Martins on Unsplash

Now, you’re older, and with every passing Christmas, your smiles and grins fade more and more. It’s not that you’re unhappy, it is more about the fact that the veil of ignorance has been torn, your child-like innocence is dead and your box of knowledge has been opened.

You’re wiser, and now aware of the significance of the season. But most importantly, you’re aware that maybe this season isn’t so much of a big deal. Maybe it’s just as normal as every other day and there isn’t a need for so much ecstasy, euphoria, or at least, happiness.

So rather than bask in a pool of excitement as though you were a child, you’d rather start the day with “omo I’m not feeling this christmas.”

It’s either mummy is sending you on endless errands, or perhaps you’re the last born who just got back from the University and has been turned into an artificial dishwasher.

“I don too wash plates for this house. Can this Christmas be over already”

Or worse, you’re a 9–5 working-class adult who is already worrying about the stress of resuming work after the holidays.

“The holiday will soon be over. It’s back to working. I hate this life.”

In the end, maybe it’s not about being ecstatic about Christmas like the way children are. Maybe it isn’t that adulthood is the mask that has refused to allow us to see that we don’t only have to be kids to enjoy Christmas.

Maybe it’s simply about enjoying the warmth of home. Home in this case can be anyone and anywhere. Perhaps the delight in refusing to let maturity rob you of the ability to appreciate holidays like these comes in realizing that, while the holiday may not be a huge deal to you, enjoying the warmth and quiet of home should be.

In the end, you’d never get the warmth and peace of a home anywhere else.

I want to end by telling you to enjoy Christmas and all that long story, but that’ll be so cliche. So, go through the day and the season as you see fit. But hey, if you can, relish the “home moments” while you still can.

After all,