2 min readJul 10, 2020



“Man is a social product”. This saying makes it safe to say that it is somewhat impossible to completely shake off the effects of the society on us as individuals. Regardless of how much a lot of us want to be the change, and the best products society can produce, evidently, it is without a doubt that we are first moulded (by default) by the society we find ourselves in. Society, the people we relate with, the things we consume with our eyes and ears, are the main things that contribute to our make up as individuals and our values as well.

Presently, Society isn’t exactly at it’s best, definitely not at it’s worst, but for a fact, it could be better, way better, after all there’s a saying that goes as thus; things are never so good that they couldn’t get better. There is always room for improvement, and society isn’t left out when it comes to being given one or more.

Starting with our country as the main point of reference. Typically, we are in a country that is lagging behind when it comes to important issues that help shape societal norms, habits and choices. We could use unemployment as the first issue. Our countries deliberate inability to provide jobs for her citizens is an issue we keep clamoring about, but as loud as our clamors and cries are, our government have decided to fall on deaf ears to them.

A country where lack of job opportunities prevails has sentenced a lot of her citizens to unemployment, causing poverty and the opportunity to make bad choices. Our Survival instincts as humans won’t let us sit and fold our hands while we go hungry, and that is where bad choices come in. Crimes such as robbery, petty theft, kidnapping, etc become the order of the day.

Societal condition has produced a certain kind of individuals; criminals.

 However, not to put all the blame on the society and country, it’s safe to say that not all criminals have been conditioned to it’s country’s inefficiency. Some act solely based on personal lapses or vices. But it goes without saying that the country has greatly contributed to this problem.

To be continued