3 min readJul 17, 2020


Bringing the issue back to our immediate society and community, it’s almost safe to say that the immediate society isn’t left out when it comes to inefficiency. Societal pressure is something a lot of people face at some point in their lives. One particularly recognized is the issue of marriage and divorce. You’re in your mid 20’s and society 'demands' of you to be married with at least a child to show for it, and if these expections aren’t met, they begin to make derogatory comments about you, even worse, place more pressure on you. Not exactly the issue, but without a doubt it’s a factor that has contributed to the issue and the damage caused afterwards.

Societal pressure has got so many young adults hurrying into marriage. Marriages that sometimes don’t end well. However, not only does society expect you to be married at a particular age, it has also taught so many women to get married to men who are very wealthy, rich and probably very influential. For this reason, so many women go into marriages with wrong intentions and for the wrong reasons, and perhaps after a year or two, they begin to realize their mistakes and while some may resolve to ending the marriage, others resolve to fixing things which may or may not go well.

Well, men are not left out of this, because society expects them to be stinking rich so fast and so early. It’s almost like riches can’t be attained after a certain age, an age which is most likely not realistic.

Moving on to the other issue, ‘divorce’. The strict adherence to the “divorce is not an option” principle has caused the untimely death of so many women, abused women to be precise. The “what would people think, what would people say” question is a tool that is very much more dangerous than a knife. Society has put undying effort into criticising and mocking it’s people rather than being supportive. It’s appalling! And for this reason, so many women would rather face all sort of abuses in their marriages rather than leave. No one wants to be mocked or criticised for being a divorcee or for being a single mom because society says it’s bad, even when a life is on the line.

Ignorance, overzealous religion, hypocrisy are the order of the day in this society, and so many people seem to be fine with it.

The list is unending, the list of situations, circumstances and mentalities that have shaped us in the Society. It’s produced criminals, sex workers who aren’t proud of what they do, intimated wives, etc, some of which have been conditioned to the society’s ill’s and inefficiency. At the least, the products (man) become bad and terrible (criminals), and at worst, these products die. It shows that we as individuals have to start the work on ourselves first, by refusing to conform to society’s expectations, ideologies and pressure, and not just refusing to conform, but also working on ourselves first as individuals to be better people, because when we all individually decide to be better people, then the society automatically becomes better, and it doesn’t just become better for our sake, but also for posterity’s sake.

The society is us, and us only can change it.