2 min readNov 17, 2020



Life is funny, life is ironic, life becomes any lesson you’ve learnt from experience. That is life. When I was five, I wanted to be twenty already, now that I’m twenty, I want to be five again. Humans are unsatisfied beings and that is what drives us into wanting more.

My lifestyle is an expensive one, so I need lots of dough.

These dreams be making me cling to insomnia like a new born in need of his mom’s warmth, they be making me drink black coffee while staring at my window for no reason, giving me migraines, and stress. But these dreams are my fuel. These dreams are what motivate me to continue with that online course, these dreams are what keep me going even when I can’t pronounce “centro comercial” or “farmacia” well because the “c” in Spanish is sometimes pronounced as the English diphthong “th”, these dreams are what inspire me to keep writing even when I have “20 views and 5 reads” on my article. These dreams are what push me to read a 300-page book with my mind constantly reminding about the probability that God forgot to give me the virtue—patience. These dreams are my life. But they also stress me out. I’m in a dilemma.

Steve Harvey said “enjoy the process and quit trippin’”, his exact words. Steve prolly knew I be trippin’ sometimes, and that’s why he says that a lot. These dreams are so big, I know it’s either I trip, fall and never get up, or I trip a few times, fall and keep going. And after pondering on these thoughts, strength comes. Yeah, I be tripping a few times, but I always get back on my feet.

I’m choosing to enjoy the process, sorry Steve, I don’t know if I’ll quit trippin’ but I promise to keep going, because these dreams need to stop being just that—dreams. They need to become my reality.